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Keynote Speakers

We are pleased to have secured a number of prominent keynote speakers for the conference. Abstracts of talks and speakers' biographical notes will follow.

Dr Jorge Posada
VICOMTECH IK4 Research Centre
San Sebastian / Donostia, Spain

Title of Talk: Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet - Visual Computing Challenges and Influence in Sustainable Design and Manufacturing

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Prof. Takashi Maeno
Dean, Graduate School of System Design and Management
Keio University, Japan

Title of Talk: Sustainable Design of Products and Services for Human Well-being

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Prof. Paul Maropoulos
Head of LIMA, Editor of Journal of Engineering Manufacture
University of Bath, UK

Title of Talk: Design Verification in the Context of the Light Controlled Factory

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Conference on
Sustainable Design
and Manufacturing
Seville, Spain
12-14 April 2015