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Conference Organisation

General Co-Chairs:
Rossi Setchi, Cardiff University, Wales, UK and
Ignacio Eguia, University of Seville, Spain
Executive Chair:
Robert J. Howlett, Bournemouth University, UK
Programme Chair:
Jesus Racero, University of Seville, Spain
Chair of the Organising Committee:
Jose Carlos Molina, University of Seville, Spain
Local Venue and Logistics Management:
Miguel Pascual, University of Seville, Spain
Andrés Padillo, University of Seville, Spain

KES Conference Series

SDM2015 is part of the KES Conference Series

Conference Series Chairs:
L.C.Jain and R.J.Howlett

KES International Executive Chair:
R.J.Howlett, Bournemouth University, U.K.

KES Founder:
L.C.Jain, University of South Australia

KES International

The organisation and operation of SDM2015 is the responsibility of KES International.
Conference on
Sustainable Design
and Manufacturing
Seville, Spain
12-14 April 2015